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Philadelphia's Kelly Drive Area

Kelly Drive spans four miles along the Schuylkill River from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to Falls Bridge, and is within Fairmont Park. In contrast to the busy traffic of the Drive, the narrow park along side it provides a picturesque work out area for runners, walkers, and bicyclist. Kelly Drive is named for late City Councilman John Kelly, brother of Grace Kelly, actress and late Queen of Monaco. 


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Although Kelly Drive is named for John Brenden Kelly junior, this bronze statue located on Kelly Drive is of his father John Brenden Kelly Senior. In 1920 a much publisized international dispute followed his rejection to participate in England's Diamond Sculls rowing regatta because he had performed manual labor as a bricklayer. You can read more about the intrigue over this in both father and son's  biographies. Click here for Kelly senior, and here for Kelly junior


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......After that I drove further up Kelly Drive, which Boathouse Row sits on, and took in how incredibly scenic it is. There is a narrow strip of a park, about half a block wide, between Kelly Drive and the Schuylkill River (scoo-cul). Actually it’s all part of Philly’s Fairmont Park. From there, throughout the day you can see rowing action going on up and down the river. 8 man teams, 4 man teams, single sculls, and all type rowing endeavor.....

Below are photos I took of the Kelly Drive area.


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