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Leon Luckey, 

Owner of Net 54 Vintage 

Baseball Memorabilia Forum


Net54 Vintage Baseball 

Memorabilia Forum's

Annual National Sports Collectors Convention Dinner  

Held across the street 

from the convention at the 

Embassy Suites Hotel 

Rosemont Illinois

Thursday July 31st 2008 7:00PM 

Net 54 Forum Website


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Here are some of the photos I took at the 

Net 54 Vintage Baseball Memorabilia Forum dinner on Thursday night July 31st. It was very generous of Net 54 to put this on. Although the dinner is refered to as the "Net 54 Dinner", to clarify, it was sponsored by three entities; Net 54, SCG/Sportscard Guaranty, and Beckett Media


Everyone had a nice time, and it was good to meet a few new people in the hobby, even though almost everyone there seemed to be from the card forum, as opposed to the memorabilia forum. What a treat, and it really made the National even more special. Thanks again Net54!

I actually got many more shots of the crowd than what I've posted, but the strangest thing went on. It got smokey in the ball room from the three cooking stations, as there was no exhaust for them. When I went to download the photos, you could see hazy white balls in the photos from the atomized grease in the air. I’ll just use a few of the grease ball ones, as most of them were pretty unsightly...darn, as I had good shots of pretty much everyone there!!

The podium shots were the guest speakers Leon arranged for us, that spoke on the hobby. I only recall the names of two..that's Josh Evans of Leland's in the red and white shirt, and Doug Allen of Mastro Auctions in the tan shirt. The image on the wall is Doug Allen's power point projection he used in his talk on his positive projection of prices of cards. The power point presentation tracked the prices realized of the Honus Wagner card from the Gretzky sale onward. Josh Evans addressed his view that eBay is not the correct venue for important sports memorabilia, and that serious collectors want a tangible catalog to thumb thru. Driving home his point, Josh elaborated that collectors want something they can take in the bathroom. Doug Allen, next up to the podium, picked up on the bathroom requirment, saying as much that he now has a new mental image of where his catalogs are read. The blond babe sitting with Josh is Angela Hurwitz of the Leland‘s staff (married).


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