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Sports Antique of the Week 

April 28th- May 4th 2013




19 inch Tall, White Metal Cast From France

Formerly owned by Peter Ueberroth

 Sold on eBay for $850.00 March 29th 2013 


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The Chiparus Hurdler Statue

by Carlton Hendricks


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The Rose Bowl is always fun...too bad it's so far away or I'd go more often...but as mentioned earlier it takes $200.00 in gas and another $100.00 for a hotel...In the old days before the price of gas got ridiculous...if there were no shows in the bay area and I had some extra dough I'd just take off for it...I used to get a room in Button Willow for $24.99...gas would run me $50.00 round more though...


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c1910 U. Pennsylvania 

Crew Sweater

Spotted on "other side of the bridge"

Offered by Vintage Productions

of Huntington Beach CA - RB Space 3113

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Once the hurdler statue was handled I really didn’t see anything earth shattering at Rose Bowl in sports pieces…probably the best sports piece was a c1915 U. Penn crew team sweater…but wasn’t in the mood to drop $575.00 on it after the hurdler…the dealer has a store in I think it was Huntington Beach….was firm on the $575.00….which was about right….best crew sweater I ever saw…dealer said he got it and a maroon one that sold right away in his store…


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c1970 Illuminated Harley Davidson Sign 

Initially Spotted 1/2 Hr Into Show - Already Sold $1400.00

About a half hour into the show I saw a really nice double sided Harley Davidson illuminated sign…c1970 I’d say…dealer said it was already sold…said sold first thing….which meant while it was still dark….I didn’t get there till like 6:15AM…I asked how much…said $1,400.00…I figured some Angeleno got it… I imagined some 60 year old retired machinist with a great collection of advertising signs…So forgot about it and moved on….a few hours later I was going thru the back part across the bridge…where all the vintage clothing dealers are…so I’m walking along and I see an Asian guy pushing the Harley sign on a cart…so I go over and start talking to him….very nice guy named Danny….very interesting…I didn’t tell him I already saw it on the other side….I asked how much he would sell it for…said wasn’t for sale….and that he would be shipping it to his store in Thailand…Said he has an international client base….sells a lot of stuff to Europeans…


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c1970 Illuminated Harley Davidson Sign Being Carted Away By Buyer


So we chatted and he told he used to just deal in Vintage clothing…that he traveled all across the United States…state to state buying vintage clothing and shipping it back to Thailand…knew all the hot spots…had been to Brimfield in MA…Renningers in PA…everywhere all over…then he said it dried up and he couldn’t find vintage clothing anymore so now he has switched to memorabilia...


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Scenes of the Rose Bowl Flea



           Right, A vintage clothing dealer

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PICT6308_1200x900.jpg (160708 bytes)I was telling all this to the gal I got the statue from….she said she sells a lot to the Japanese….she said they come in charter buses…they come into the Rose Bowl and buy up stuff and take it back to Japan…busloads of them…I started thinking about it and at Alameda every month I do see a lot of Asians there…but even more at the Rose Bowl…and the Long Beach flea too…


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Scenes of the Rose Bowl Flea




However....not the end of the whole story...


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To see three pages of  photos of the 

April 14th 2013 

Rose Bowl Flea Market