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May 12th 2012




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LOT 1021

C1910 "Home-Run Stogie" Cigar Tin

Estimate $1,000.00-$1,500.00

16 Bids

CLOSING BID $2,750.00

This has been one of my all time favorite tins...

it's that blue color...and that pillbox baseball cap!! -Carlton


 's Number 7 Pick 
7_1035_HomeRunCigsPoster.jpg (83008 bytes)

Lot 1035

C1910 Home Run Cigarettes 

Advertising Poster 

19 1/4" tall  x 13" wide

Reserve $500.00

9 Bids

CLOSING BID $1,300.00

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This is one of the top generic baseball signs...I did a story on it you can read here...I also just got two early pack last winter out of a Hunt's auction..came out of a large tobacco collection they auctioned.-Carlton

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8_7_1174_SureShot.jpg (90003 bytes)

Lot 1174

c1910 Sure Shot Chewing Tobacco 

Tri-Fold Baseball Advertising Display

45 1/2" wide  x 36" tall

Reserve $1,000.00

25 Bids

CLOSING BID $6,000.00

I've never seen this before and I believe it's very rare. I've seen maybe a couple 

other similar big baseball displays like it from the same era. A very nice 

sign in very good condition that just needs a little restoration. -Carlton

 's Number 9 Pick 

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Lot 1020

Circa 1910 Cy Young 

Tobacco Tin

5" tall x 5" wide

Estimate $4,000.00

3 Bids

CLOSING BID $2,500.00

 's Number 10 Pick 
10_1355_DempTunBeechNut.jpg (97863 bytes)

Lot 1355

1927 Beech-Nut Chewing Tobacco 

Jack Dempsey vs. Gene Tunney 

Tri-Fold Advertising Display

59" wide  x 38" tall

Reserve $1,300.00

4 Bids

CLOSING BID $2,500.00

This fight was essentially the crown jewel of sporting events in the 1920’s, an era known as the Golden Era of American Sports. It was Jack Dempsey’s and Gene Tunney’s second fight, and was referred too as the long count fight. Dempsey had knocked down Tunney in the 7th round, after a brutal 6 rounds of punishment by Tunney. Then the unthinkable happened. At the count of four, the referee ordered Dempsey to a neutral corner as he counted to ten. For some reason Dempsey didn't obey the referee’s command and returned to his own corner, but finally went to the neutral one. Maybe the referee took that as a sign of disrespect, but at any rate, he started the count over. Tunney barely made it back up on the count of 9, then went on to win the fight and took the heavyweight title from Dempsey. Tunney had actually been down a total of 14 seconds.