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June 7th-13th 2009

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Of Port Jervis 


15 tall by 9 wide 

printed on paper

collection of author

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......Amazingly on page 19 paragraph 

2 the book gives an account of a game between Cornell University and the Delawares in June 1877....... 



I got this broadside poster from Mark Rucker about fifteen to seventeen years ago; I think I paid $500.00. I remember when I was trying to negotiate a better deal; Mark said he hadn't shown it to the ephemera collectors and that they would like the eagle. That did it, I bought it on the spot. I wasn't taking any chances losing it. It was a better deal than I even realized at the time, as I don't think I've seen a college baseball poster this early and nice since. 


I never knew anything about the Delawares team advertised on the poster all these years until I looked into it for this article. I posted an enquiry on Net54 Vintage Baseball Memorabilia forum to see if anyone knew anything about the them. I received  a tip from a Net54 member named timzcardz about a book titled "Cap Anson 2" By Howard W. Rosenberg which is on-line. Amazingly on page 19 paragraph 2 the book gives an account of a game between Cornell University and the Delawares in June 1877. Moreover, according to the book, Hall of Famer Mike "King" Kelly 1857-1894 played for the Delawares and the book gives an account DanceCard.jpg (63975 bytes) of Kelly playing catcher and dropping a ball after tagging the runner. The Cornell runner scored but the Delawares won. Also gleaned from Net54 research well, member Shawn England posted a photo of an 1876 card which announces a dance in honor of the Delawares.


Addenda Wend. June 10, 2009

Since the initial posting of this MikeKingKellyBook.jpg (22782 bytes)article I've received two additional bits of background on the Delawares. Shawn England from the Net54 Vintage Baseball Memorabilia forum posted on that site, a quote from the c1888 book "Play Ball: Stories of the Diamond Field" By Mike Kelly. The quote which you can read in full here indicates Kelly only played a few games with the Delawares before moving on, and that he "didn't care much for the place" . 


I also got an email from baseball historian and researcher Bob Mayer of New York state which indicated the Delawares existed by at least 1866, see email quote below.

"The Delawares of Port Jervis were an opponent of a team I did some research on a few years ago. The team was already organized by 1866 and was the first team the Wallkills of Middletown played that year. PJ won the first game and the Wallkills won the second.  In the early 1880's Fred Nyce who later played some in the Minors pitched for the Delawares"


From Shawn England's post I made the most amazing discovery that BaseballChronology.com posts classic baseball books on their site. And not just the text; the layouts include original photos and graphics so you get the feel of reading the original volume. These are rare books you could take years searching for. Naturally, reading them on line doesn't have the status of owning the originals . However, if you go to a thrift store and buy some old worthless antique books, you can open them up around your computer so you get the musty smell while you're reading BaseballChronology's books on line. But seriously, if you truly enjoy the read, and don't have to have the originals to show off, these on line volumes are fantastic.


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