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June 14th-20th 2009

Standout items 

by SportsAntiques.com




MonarchMcCann04 - Copy.JPG (84500 bytes)



One Dozen



With Original

Chromolithographed Label

Illustrated Game Scene

5 1/2" tall by 5 1/4" wide 

by 8 3/8" deep

made of cardstock

Photographed on location 

2004 National Sports Collectors Convention

Booth of Bob McCann 

Price $2,500.00


......Next from Bob, was one of the best pieces at the show. A c1880s chromolithographed box that held a dozen baseballs from Monarch Sporting Goods Company of New York, outstanding condition, and outstanding label on the front, 5 tall by 5 wide by 8 3/8 deep, $2,500.00.......

excerpted page 3, 2004 National Coverage



I shot this box in Bob McCann's booth at the 2004 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland. I do not recall ever seeing a nicer baseballs box like this. The condition is remarkable for being made of cardstock. 


Interestingly when I google Monarch Sporting Goods Company I don't get any references. I posted an inquiry about this box on Net54 , but to date haven't learned much about the Monarch Sporting Goods history.  Shawn England monarch1.jpg (61788 bytes) posted a photo of a print ad from Sporting Life magazine which advertises a baseball endorsed  by Hall of Famer Clark Griffith. The advertising copy states "it's an official ball", but doesn't elaborate who or what organization deemed it "official". At the bottom the ad it states "we make base ball uniforms". In all, from this ad we glean the Monarch company was successful enough to pay a big name player to endorse a ball, and they made uniforms. And oh yeah, the ball sold for $1.25!


Rhys Yeakley posted that he once bought some Monarch hockey pucks made by Monarch but has not seen anything else from the company. So we know they made hockey pucks at some point. Finally Jim Daniel who has a killer website baseballglovecollector.com, posted a photo of a Monarch Sporting Goods baseball glove endorsed by JoeMedwickGloveMonarchFront.jpg (90780 bytes) another Hall of Famer Joe Medwick . Apparently Monarch jobbed out the glove. Jim provided "This Monarch glove was clearly made by Denkert who operated out of Johnstown and Gloversville, NY."


Hunt Auctions auctioned this box in August 1999 for $1,675.00. The catalog description included the following insightful commentary: "This is the first intact example that we've encountered and due to obvious fragility and age will most likely be the only copy we'll handle. Stunning"....


This was all I could dig up. It wouldn't surprise me to some day learn Spalding owned them. We at least know Spalding would have been a competitor in the 1880-90's. A sporting goods company doesn't just appear out of thin air; it takes some knowledge of sports equipment for one thing. Until more information or at least clues turn up we can only speculate. I would imagine some baseball player started making mitts and balls and selling them on a small scale and the enterprise grew.



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