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Purpose of the site expounded

As stated on the home page, the purpose of this site is to introduce visitors to the exciting world of collecting Sports Display Antiques, and to be a comprehensive information source on the subject. Basically the way I do this is by keeping on doing what I've been doing the last 18 years. Except now I'll be taking everybody with me by virtue of reporting everything on this site.


Navigating the site

It's virtually impossible to get lost on the site. Almost every page has a link to the Home page. The few photo pages that don't are linked to pages that do. 


A word about's not just about collecting

Collecting Sports Display Antiques is not just about collecting. It's fun to collect, and acquiring items brings a certain amount of satisfaction, but it's not all about getting stuff. It's also about the places you go, the things you see along the way, and most importantly the friends you make. When you get into it, it's action city...There's always a show to go to...always an auction going you'll see... always always...something you gotta have! But smell the flowers along the way. Enjoy the sites, stop for lunch, shake a hand, help other collectors, be kind to dealers...try to make the collecting world a friendly place by being nice to people as best you can. What a great hobby it is, enjoy it!



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