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Nov. 8th- 14th 2009

Standout items 

by SportsAntiques.com



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SLIDE SHOE DRESSING advertising display 

9" wide X 8 tall"  X 6" deep

Lot 327

Offered in Lelands.com's November 2009 auction. Probably the nicest example extant 


Overview by Carlton Hendricks

This is probably the nicest example of this display you will see. It's being offered in the November 2009 Leland's auction. I've seen the tin around, but the display is very tough. 3DisplayBoxes.jpg (44425 bytes)Off the top my head the only other I recall was in the 2006 Robert Edward auction, and was part of a group of three baseball related display boxes Lot 849. As tins go I've never considered it too exciting. I don't even have one in my own tin collection. But the display box is exceptional....plus it comes with three of the tins. 


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Clearly the product was intended to be associated with  Mike "King Kelly 1857-1894, one of the most colorful baseball players of the 19th century, and a Hall of Famer.


Lelands.com's catalog copy

"Color lithographed box is a knockoff tribute to 

the most popular player of the time, 
Mike “King” Kelly. Brilliant colors advertise 

these tins with a monumental pop up 
display box. Box is fragile and has been 

permanently set up with the pop up prominently 
displayed as it is fragile. Comes with 3 of the 

12 shoe polish tins in the box. Overall 
very good condition. Box measures 8 x 9 x 6”. "


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