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The July 2005

Alameda Point 

Antiques Fair



Carlton Hendricks



As I mentioned the fair goes until 3:00PM, however the first I dealer saw packing up was at 1:26PM. Most of the dealers get there way before sunup. 



Buyers loading area.jpg (426534 bytes)

loading area


Buyers waiting for carts.jpg (382649 bytes)

buyers waiting for carts

Alameda is the only show I know of that provides large steel Home Depot type carts for customers to transport items out of the show, plus a vehicle loading area you can drive into.


Next was a 1946 motorcycle trophy 9 3/4" tall $200.00, that Daniel Lewbin had. Then came a piece that I found very interesting. It was part of the architecture of some government building, probably the California capital in Sacramento. It had been turned into a corner pedestal or something. It appeared to have been made of some kind of plaster type composisition material, all painted with gold leaf, with a big eagle in the center. It was 42" tall by 37" wide, $700.00. see below The dealer selling it was Dennis Perrow of  Main Street Gallery and Antiques, in Brimfield Mass. Dennis said he was taking it to Brimfield next week. The July 2005 Brimfield show goes from July 5th to the 10th. 


Eagle Column thing 1.jpg (563444 bytes) Eagle Column eagle tight.jpg (584203 bytes)

Eagle Column back.jpg (386852 bytes)


Eagle Column wide in truck.jpg (452037 bytes)

Corner pedestal made from architectural molding offered by Dennis Perrow of Main Gallery and Antiques, Brimfield Mass. 42" tall by 37" wide, $700.00


Next up, a nice looking Andy Warhol Campbell Soup print, 21" Wide by 17" tall, framed, $40.00 . I don't know much about Andy Warhol works, but it looked nice. And the frame was well done, and in nice condition. It would probably run you $80.00 to frame that nice. It was offered by Robert Padilla of Santa Clara Ca. Next booth over, David Beecroft of San Francisco had a cool homemade old wooden kids scooter, from the 1940's probably, for $200.00. 


Next up was another interesting sports display antique. A circa 1900 spelter rugby player 15 1/2: tall $285.00, running with the ball. It was European, French probably. I know the piece, a buddy has one. It would be good starter piece for a someone just starting out collecting sports statues. It was offered by Benjamin Bronston, of North San Juan Ca. see below


Rugby wide.jpg (439419 bytes)

Rugby tight 2.jpg (508687 bytes)

Rugby tag.jpg (362566 bytes)

circa 1900 spelter rugby player 15 1/2: tall $285.00,

offered by Benjamin Bronston 


John Wibberley of Nevada City had an early offset printer he was asking $150 for. He also had an old very nice 1890's wine opener, made by Champion, for $150 also. Looked like a commercial one, probably used in a bar or restaurant. Rick Dalton offered some very quirky and unique lights he makes from old mixers and other appliances. The mixer ones were $100.00, and most were in that range. He has a website Charles Ruiz of San Francisco was selling a nice circa 1920 set of lawyers bookcases made by Globe-Wernicke, 53 3/4" tall by 34" wide by 12" deep, email him at [email protected] for the price quote. And last, Joann Ronning of Morro Bay Ca. was selling a real nice original Victorian doll couch, 37 1/2" wide by 15" tall, $140.00. Joann said she had it recovered. 


And that wraps up SportsAntiques101's first coverage of an antiques event. Hope you enjoyed it. We look forward to many more!



additional miscellaneous photos of the fair



Crowds 1.jpg (395652 bytes) crowds towards front.jpg (234028 bytes) Crowds SF in back.jpg (350472 bytes)



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Food Tri Tip.jpg (394896 bytes) Food wraps booth.jpg (415830 bytes) Food Popcorn booth.jpg (425731 bytes)
Food popcorn chef.jpg (406032 bytes) Food TRI TIP SIGN.jpg (208555 bytes) Food Sausage grill tight.jpg (463872 bytes)
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