Sept. 30th- Oct. 6th 2012

Standout items 




CanoeTrophy.jpg (30150 bytes)

 One that got away!  Sold for $710.00

c1921, 12 inch wide x 5" tall, by Derby


Got outbid on eBay for this exceptional trophy Sunday Sept. 23rd 2012l!


I spotted this canoeing trophy on eBay  seven days before close and I was all over it...It had a starting price of $199.00 and sat there all week with no bids...I've been collecting antique sports trophies 25 years and knew it was rare. I may have seen a bronze version once but not positive. Other than that , this is the only example I've ever seen....Not quite athletic sports but too cool to pass up...I watched as it closed...right down to the last 6 seconds there were no bids...then at 6 seconds one bid popped up and I thought I had it...but then a quarter second later was another bid....then another closing at $710.00 and I was out...Oh well you win some you lose some!


DerbyFactory.jpg (44512 bytes)


Derby Connecticut 1872-1933

showrooms in 

New York City

Chicago San Francisco


One of the reasons this trophy is so nice is it was made by Derby Silver Co. Derby who was one of the best figural trophy makers ever. Whenever I see a well made figural trophy, before even checking to see the maker I often speculate it was made by Derby Silver Co. In my collection I have a life size figural football shaped wine cooler by Derby and a figural baseball batter ashtray by Derby. Back in 2009 I picked up an exceptional baseball loving cup with figural handles of ring bats, which I suspect may be made by Derby....but I've never removed the wood base to look under for a makers mark. See at bottom

Other Derby Pieces in the 

Carlton Hendricks Collection

BaseballBatterDerby.jpg (260121 bytes)

Baseball Batter Ashtray

by Derby

CenterpieceBooksDarkRed_1200x900.jpg (211479 bytes)

Football wine cooler

by Derby


PICT9333_900x1200.jpg (145558 bytes)

Baseball trophy cup with ring bat handles

suspected to be by Derby



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