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June 21st- 27th 2009

Standout items 

by SportsAntiques.com



UPenLittleGirlonFBT.jpg (272580 bytes)

c1900 Print


12" X 12" Priced $350.00

Photographed on location at the 2006 

National Sports Collectors Convention

Booth of John Ross


Overview by Carlton Hendricks

I shot this interesting little print in the booth of 

John Ross of Harrisburg PA at the 2006 National Sports Collectors Convention in Anaheim Calif. I had never seen it before, and as I later learned, it turned out to be quite rare. A couple years after I saw it in Anaheim, I saw it on eBay. I can't recall what it went for, just that I got outbid. I sent a congratulatory email to the winning bidder. The winner sent me back and email explaining she had bought it as a volunteer for the University of Pennsylvania archives, and it was the first example they had seen.


Below comments excerpted from my 2006 National coverage.


.....First up in John’s booth was a remarkable c1890 print featuring a little girl wearing blue and red and looking up while resting her head and arms on top of an early melon football. Under the ball, which was about as big as her, were the words “A Touchdown for Pennsylvania” The art quality was excellent, especially of the ball, as the artist even included an indistinguishable Spalding style maker’s mark. The frame appeared original, and I believe it had the original wavy glass. It was small, only 12” x 12”, and it’s geometrical shape, that of a rhombus or diamond made it unique, $350.00......


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