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Of The 



1st - 7th 


c1903, 30" x 12" 

Cincinnati Reds 

broadside poster 

on cardstock


Chris of South Carolina shares 

with us this very rare broadside 

from his collection 

Hi Carlton, Thanks for your interest. The poster measures approximately 30" x 12" and is made of 
a heavy card stock material. It has a crease in the center from being folded at one time. The poster 
is secured to the backing with pins. 1903 is written in pencil on the face of the poster. It was printed by Magee Bros. Printers and Binders, Piqua, OH. I bought it just as it appears about five years ago. It originates from an ohio sportswriter's estate. That's about all I know about it.. Chris
Thanks Chris, It's killer, especially now that I know the 30" tall part! that's a great size! -Carlton
What would you estimate the poster to be worth? Chris
Chris, I'm not confident at pricing things for others email a photo to one of the major sports auction houses, they could probably tell you....there's two ways to estimate price ....have something identical or similar that has sold previous to judge against....or there's intuition/guessing by a long time keen observer....Since I don't have a database of auction results...I'd have to guess .... somewhere between $1,500.00 and $5,500.00....based on observation not science....or...put it this way......if I was loaded I wouldn't hesitate at $2,500.00 -$3,500.00....I think the longer you hang onto it the more you'll get....I could see that possibly spring boarding at some point to serious is very rare!! -Carlton

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