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Posted July 16th 2005 

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Random Treasures Auctions


The Joel B. Miller Collection - 572 lots


Friday July 22nd 2005 8:00PM U.S.A. Eastern Time ten minute rule applies, see auction rules via website


This is a exceptionally high quality auction. Most of the lots are antique magic related, but there are a significant number of non magic vintage posters offered. 


A couple of the stars of the auction include Lot 530 -  an original 1933 King Kong movie poster, 40 1/2 inches wide by 79 inches tall. minimum bid $25,000.00. Current bid at this posting $56,274.00. An interesting note in the catalog copy advises American athlete icon Jim Thorpe was in the movie! "...one of the native dancers in the ceremonial dance on Skull Island was none other than Jim Thorpe, moonlighting with a little film work!"


The current headliner for the magic items, at this posting is Lot 287 -  the 1908 Houdini Milk Can Escape poster, 40 inches tall by 30 inches wide, minimum bid $25,000.00.  The poster was acquired from the Houdini estate in 1981. Can you imagine that kind of provenance? And the condition is unbelievable. The catalog copy is a must read. Currently at this posting it's sitting at $40,264.00


Here's some more standout items I saw with just a cursory overview. 

Lot 372 - incredible 42 inch tall by 18 inch wide, blue and red, Houdini broadside. 

Lot 427 - New Departure Coaster Brake Cycling Poster 48 inch tal by 20 1/2 inch wide

Lot 440 Mad Cycles poster, French, 47 inches tall by 31 inches wide

Lot 457 - Philadelphia Sesquicentennial Poster, 
Framed 25" x 33 1/2"

Lot 500 - The Railys - Cycling Poster, 45" x 32".

Lot  505 - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus - Gargantua Poster 40 1/2" x 29". 

Lot 514 - WOW -Schell Bros Circus - Bears 40 1/2" x 27". 

Lot 521 - Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster Featuring Tim McCoy 40" x 28". 

Lot 536 - Mack Sennett's "Black Oxfords" Three-Sheet Movie Poster 80" x 36" Morgan Litho, Cleveland.
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