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FEB. 12TH- 19TH 2011

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This week's Sports Antique of the Week is a special excursion feature 

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Carlton with finds of the show


lithograph of Art Gallery building at 1876 Centennial


1840 Ithaca N.Y, log cabin construction broadside


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FEB 13TH 2011


Didn't find any sports items but check out 

the here and there shots I took, plus two non-sports pieces I picked up


By Carlton Hendricks


Feb. 14, 2011


.....Would you like to know how much my $100.00 display cabinet cost me? Well, I kept all the gas receipts it took to make the trip from Napa Valley to Temecula...$ $60.00 or so to Red Roof makes right about  $ my $100.00 cabinet cost me $360.00 ....Of course I made a trip out of it by going to the Rose Bowl which is a real treat for me. At the Rose Bowl I picked up a c1840.....

At last month's Long Beach Ca antique flea market I picked up something that really put me thru the washing machine.  I didn't know quite what I was getting into when I paid for it, but I think in the long run I'll be happy I got it. Here's the whole story. As I was walking around I saw a really great looking antique display cabinet for sale. It measured 69" tall by 31" wide by 18" deep.  They were practically giving it away....$100.00! But I didn't have my truck and I live 7 hours from Long Beach. 


I had come to L.A. to go to the mid winter All American Antique show in Glendale, and the Long Beach flea the following day. I specifically drove the mustang so I could drive around L.A. with the top down in the middle of January. If you read my stories you know I look forward to my annual January Glendale show trip. A big part of the trip is enjoying the warm L.A. January weather; and what better way to take it in than putting the top down! The only problem with the mustang is when you find something big...and I found something big.



So back to Long Beach...I spot the cabinet and recognized it immediately as English. As a collector, display cabinets are an art in themselves. Over the years I've seen enough to know the nuances. The antique English display cabinets have a certain refined masculine appearance. The posts are thinner than American ones, and they just have a special privileged look. This one had the look, except it was a little beat up and needed some TLC.  Perfect, otherwise it would have been priced higher. The bottom front trim had been knocked off but it was inside the cabinet and could be reattached. And the interior flooring was missing, or as the English would say "had gone astray". A little puzzling why it would have been removed but nevertheless, a fairly easy fix. However, the coup de gra was, it had all it's all important original wavy glass. Plus it was the size...69" tall by 31" wide by 18" deep. Just about the right size I could use.  When you find a cabinet the right size, the right look, and the right price, you pretty much have to pull the trigger. Because those three don't come together very often. Especially the price part. And it would have been a perfect find except for getting it home.


I looked at that thing and just shook my head, as I knew those three factors met up....but....I didn't have my truck with me! way to get it home...a giveaway...$100.00 and I couldn't buy it!....So I left and continued on thru the show...So I finished my first comb and backtracked for a second. When I got to the back area again where the cabinet was I was taken back it was not only still there, the guy had crossed out the $100.00 and put $80.00. Arrrgh! I had to come closer and examine it and I pondered how I could get it home. 



I explained to the seller my predicament and asked if he would let me pick it up the following Rose Bowl....No thanks he said, he didn't want to haul it was strictly a cash and carry deal...I had a seat and racked my brain for a way, as I looked at it...I couldn't come up with I started walking away...I got about ten feet and came back and said... how about this...I'll pay you the full $100.00 you wanted if you let me pick it up....Thanks but no he said....and I figured it was over....I walked off slowly from fatigue and got about ten feet away and the guy said hey hold on....tell ya what, he long you gonna be here? he asked....probably about an hour I said...come back in an hour.....if it's still here maybe I'll take your deal, but no promises....OK I said....And the rest is history....I came back about 35 minutes later and he said give me the hundred! A month went by and it was Rose Bowl and time for the big trip...Man did it take a long time to get down there...the seller lived in Temecula....way past Los Angeles..allmost all the way down to San Diego...phew!


Would you like to know how much my $100.00 display cabinet cost me? Well, I kept all the gas receipts it took to make the trip from Napa Valley to Temecula... $ $60.00 or so to Red Roof makes right about  $ my $100.00 cabinet cost me $360.00 ....Of course I made a trip out of it by going to the Rose Bowl flea which is a real treat for me. 


1840LogCabinBroadside.JPG (869828 bytes)


At the Rose Bowl I picked up a most interesting c1840, 16 1/4" tall by 10 1/4" wide, broadside poster which solicits help to build a log cabin in Ithaca N.Y.. I say it's most interesting because on the surface the poster speaks to constructing a literal log cabin. But there are elements of the text that lead me to believe the announcement is a tongue in cheek call to a meeting of the Whig party. I was baffled by it even as I hesitantly bought it on intuition. I must have stood there four or five minutes reading it over and over trying to figure it out and decide if I wanted to buy it for the $75.00 asking price. The seller seemed to have been completely clueless what it was and couldn't care less. He said it was the first time he had set up there was just trying to get rid of his fathers belongings and had no interest in collecting. I offered $50.00 and the guy countered with $65.00. Finally We agreed on $60.00 and I continued on thru the show. If it was simply a call to construct a log cabin, it was a novel upstate New York item. If it was a clever reference to the Log Cabin party of 1840 we have lift off. 


Sunday, February 13, 2011 11:15 PM 

Tom, Check out this brodside I picked up today at the Rose bowl Flea...I thoght it referenced the Log Cabin party of 1840 because of the word cadidate ...but maybe not, I can't figure it out....I guess it's just acall to build one LOL...Darn...I doubt I can get my $60.00 out of it


Monday, February 14, 2011 7:15 AM 

No Carlton - I'm pretty sure you have a winner there - It is definitely about the 1840 Presidential election - William Henry Harrison - "Tippecanoe  and Tyler too!!". I don't get the reference to the materials but this is definitely somewhat tongue in cheek and I am sure it has something to do 
with the Whig Party. How big is it?

eBay handle walnutts


Unable to come to come to a conclusion on what I had I emailed my friend, Americana dealer/historian Tom Cardaropoli in Cape Cod. Tom is likely eBay's most prolific seller of antique Americana. The serious Americana collectors check his listings weekly, eBay user name walnutts. Tom felt sure it was about the 1840 presidential election, William Henry Harrison, and the Whig party, because of the "Tippecanoe Boys" and Log Cabin Candidate reference. To the moment I'm still baffled by the poster's apparent mysterious coding and will continue researching it. However, if Tom is right I see two things. It would be a very rare public address by the Whig Party to influence the 1840 presidential election. And two, the dialog apparently reflects a remarkable sophisticated intellect of both author and audience; the Ithaca/ Tompkins County New York populace.  Ithaca New York is of course the home of Cornell University. 


The only thing I can think of that would explain the mysterious coding would be that the poster was in response to something of the day, an event, a written article, a structure, or what ever. If it was a response to something it would probably be something everyone of that time was aware of. Scrutinizing the text will hopefully provide enough clues to help understand it. The ten people named at the bottom as the "building committee" were likely Whig party members and recognizable names of the region. Interesting the first name is E. Cornel; similar to Cornell University but spelled with one "L". As a long time collector of antique posters, one of the most valuable elements they can have is a date...and this one's prominently dated April 9, 1840. The presidential election was held """" "" """". The little illustration of a log cabin cleverly placed between LOG and CABIN at the top is a deluxe personalization as well.


pict9817.jpg (871464 bytes)


As for my other Rose Bowl pick up, I also got a c1874, 22" wide by 17" tall lithograph print of the Art Gallery building at the 1876 Centennial. So we'll see if I can lower the price of the cabinet after I sell them on eBay!


Other than those two items I didn't get too much at Rose Bowl...Didn't see a single sports item worth mention! It was great to go anyway, the Rose Bowl is awesome. Take a look at a few shots I took as I walked the show.


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