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Nov. 1st- 7th 2009

Standout items 

by SportsAntiques.com



FullShot1 - Copy.JPG (19465 bytes)




 length: 12 3/4 inch
depth: 5 3/8 inch
height: 2 7/8 inch

Silver plate with copper oars, 

No markings - possibly French

2006 Price $2,000.00 - collection of author


NoseToNose1.JPG (26404 bytes)

Front Side

NoseToNose2.JPG (29158 bytes)

Back Side

pict6035.jpg (40953 bytes)

Long View

pict6064.jpg (56117 bytes)

Sculler Close-in 

FullShot1.JPG (45001 bytes)

Front Side

FullShot2.JPG (36819 bytes)

Back Side

pict6046.jpg (29566 bytes)


pict6072.jpg (96808 bytes)

In Lineup on coffee table


Overview by Carlton Hendricks


I found this on eBay back a few years ago, but the way I got it was a little unusual. At the time there were some pretty aggressive rowing collectors going after good rowing pieces on eBay. I speculated this piece could get out of hand so I offered the seller $2,000.00 to close the auction. Coincidently the seller who was in France, was going to be in San Francisco shortly, like about two weeks. I live in the bay area so we made a deal. He would close it and bring it to San Francisco and I would meet him and pay cash.


Worked out perfect. The guy did exactly as he said and I met him in the lobby of his hotel and we made the deal right there. Going in I was apprehensive about meeting a stranger in the Barbary Coast with two g's in cash on me...I'd seen that episode of Bonanza where Little Joe gets kidnapped in San Francisco and was wise! So I brought a friend....but no need...the seller and his wife were most pleasant and we actually had a nice visit...a win win. 


As for the piece...well...I wouldn't have paid  $2,000.00 if it wasn't something special. This is the kind of piece you always hope to walk into an antiques shows and find....but never do. Needless to say it's very rare. Essentially it's sculpture...they just used the inkwell aspect as an excuse to make a nice statue of a sculler. As for quality....I wouldn't say it's tiffany's quality, but it is good quality and well finished. There isn't a shred of a marking to research. I've looked in every crevasse, literally with a magnifying glass and nada...absolutely nothing....not even numbers. All I can go on to date it is the costume of the sculler. He has on the standard shorts and sort of tank top type shirt early rowers wore. But it's his billed cap and period style moustache that impress' me to date it to roughly the turn of the 19th century. For the sake of simplicity, I'm going with c1900, but it could be as early as 1880. As for national origin...well....it was bought out of France. However it could have migrated there from England. I'd guess it's French of English. 


Based on the waves, the style is clearly Art Nouveau. Inkwells are an interesting collectible in that they were made in seemingly endless themes. If you go on eBay and look at the ones under Collectibles > Pens & Writing Instruments > Inkwells, you'll be amazed at all the different ones. 


BoyScoutInkwell.jpg (52985 bytes)

boy scout inkwell

GunInkwell.jpg (60937 bytes)

revolver Inkwell

stag_set1.jpg (59716 bytes)

stag inkwell

Sleighing.jpg (47175 bytes)

 Sledding inkwell


As for this sculler, it's very rare. I doubt it's the only example but I've never seen another. I would place it in the category of being one of the top decorative rowing antiques in the world. Boy are things like this hard to find! I've been looking high and low for stuff like this more than twenty one years and like I say, it's the only one I know of.


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