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July 5th- 11th 2009

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Four c1900



Photographed on location at 2007 National 

Sports Collectors Convention, Cleveland Ohio 

booth of Glen and Lisa Mechanick

Printed on cardstock -13 1/2" tall X 8 1/2" wide 

Set of four priced $12,000.00 


Overview by Carlton Hendricks


I came across this set of four Shirley President Suspenders advertising posters in the booth of Glen and Lisa Mechanick at the 2007 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland. They're the only  examples of them I've ever seen. They weren't real big posters but the quality was striking and they were in excellent condition.  On the back of the batter poster is very interesting text obviously intended for retailers. From it we learn they were intended to be displayed in the retailers window. Also, there were six produced, which meant Glen was missing the "Golfing Girl" and the "Billiard Girl" ones. Apparently the suspenders were wholesaled in boxes of six, as the text indicates "You will find one picture in every half dozen box of Shirley President Suspenders." Moreover it's indicated if the retailer was missing any of the set they could write for them by number. Nothing is mentioned about price so it seems the posters/pictures were given away to the retailers. The retailers were instructed to write to the C.A. Edgarton Mfg. Co. in Shirley Massachusetts. The ShirleyHistory.org website has some interesting insight about the company. 


In 1845, the railroad from Boston to Fitchburg opened Shirley up to further development. The town also became home to many industries including a cordage factory and the C.A. Edgarton Suspender Factory which, by 1890, had become the second largest maker of suspenders in the country. link


1881 C.A. Edgarton and Sons opened a factory on Leominster Road to produce webbing for suspenders and garters. Around 1900 - it became known as the President Suspender Company. About 1930 - George Frost Belt Company merged with the Suspender Company. In the early 1960's the President name was dropped and it was just George Frost Company. In 1988 - AMPAC bought the All Star sporting goods line from George Frost. In 1996 - AMPAC bought the George Frost building and rented out portions to other businesses. link


The excerpt below is from page 4 of my 2007 National coverage story.


Next was one of the best things I saw at the show, a set of four c1900 advertising posters for the Shirley President Suspenders Company. All the posters featured young ladies participating in different sports. There was one for tennis , fishing , baseball , and bowling. According to the back of them there was also a Billiard Girl, and a Golfing Girl that Glen didn't have. Each was 13 1/2" tall x 8 1/2" wide, $12,000.00 for the set of four. link


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